12 Days of Activism

We're holding big brands accountable for #WhatSheMakes

Join us for 12 days of activism to target brands that have been naughty in the lead up to Xmas, do an action while you do your season shopping! It’s important to hold big brands to account + demand they pay a living wage to the women who make our clothes! 13-24th Dec the 12 Days!

On this 12 Days of Action, we will pop into the changerooms of big brands who have not made genuine commitments to pay a living wage. We’ll leave behind a #WhatSheMakes doorhanger, snap a photo, and share it for the world to see – tagging them on Instagram and sharing on the Oxfam page.

By publicly holding brands to account in their changerooms, on their social media and in front of our networks, we will pressure them to make a commitment to pay a living wage.

Here are some resources that will help make your doorhanger action a success!:

Fill out the form below to get the resources you’ll need posted to you, and reach out to us at oxfamactivists@oxfam.org.au if you have any questions.

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