Global Action for Welcome

Tell Julie Bishop that Australia can support people seeking safer lives.

Everyone deserves to live in safety.

Right now World Leaders are meeting to discuss how we can better protect people on the move.

But progress is slow and we risk missing the opportunity to create lasting change if we don’t hold our leaders to account.

Tell Julie Bishop that Australia is ready to respond, that you are ready to welcome refugees and that action needs to happen now.

  1. Take a picture with friends, family or a selfie
  2. In front of your house, place of worship, classroom
  3. Tweet, Instagram or Facebook @JulieBishopMP

 Want to do more? These messages are a guide to keep the pressure on Julie Bishop while she meets with world leaders in New York. Use one, or two or all!

Day by Day Messages:

Day 1:  Little progress on a global response to the refugee crisis. We stand ready to welcome @JulieBishopMP #RefugeesWelcome #OxfamCommunity

Day 2: People forced to flee need safety and deserve welcome. We must respond @JulieBishopMP #RefugeesWelcome #OxfamCommunity

Day 4: @JulieBishopMP together we can respond to the refugee crisis. We must continue negotiations #RefugeesWelcome #OxfamCommunity

Day 5: @JulieBishopMP all families deserve safety. World leaders must agree on how to respond to the refugee crisis #RefugeesWelcome #OxfamCommunity

Day 6: @JulieBishopMP world leaders must make progress in support of safety for all #RefugeesWelcome #OxfamCommunity

Day 7: @JulieBishopMP we stand for safety and are ready to take responsibility are you? #RefugeesWelcome #OxfamCommunity

Day 8: @JulieBishopMP ppl everywhere are standing for safety and want you to share responsibility for protecting those forced from their homes #RefugeesWelcome #OxfamCommunity

Day 9: We [or names of friends/family in photo] are ready welcome those seeking safety! @JulieBishopMP are you? #RefugeesWelcome #OxfamCommunity

Your online activism plays a key role in holding our world leaders to account. By taking this action, you will make a difference. We need a critical mass of people, supporting a better plan for the world’s most vulnerable people to create the change we want to see.

Are you ready to take action? Don’t forget the hashtags #RefugeesWelcome and #OxfamCommunity