Passion to Action

Justine's story of putting her passion for social justice into action by bringing the 'What She Makes Campaign' to her university as part of Oxfam's Change Initiative.

Meet Justine, second year communications student and current member of Oxfam’s Change Initiative.

As a university student Justine has found her passions and interests expanding each year. After visiting the Philippines in 2016, Justine was shocked to see another side to the beautiful tourist attractions that are always represented in mainstream media. Justine said she felt incapable of making a difference. Fortunately, as she entered university she had the opportunity to meet many inspiring individuals who encouraged her each individual has the potential to create real-world change. As she developed a growth mindset, Justine gained a passion for social justice and challenged herself to take part in community-focused initiatives such as the Big Lift, a student-led volunteering organisation that runs service projects with local and rural communities. Justine lives by the thought that “change happens when one puts their faith into action” and hopes to live out the values of a leader in order to be a positive influence for change in this world.


With the help of fellow university students, Justine ran a stall at her university to increase social awareness and engagement with the What She Makes Campaign.


Getting on board the ‘What She Makes’ Change Initiative.

Taking her own advice to transform her passions into something tangible, Justine designed and executed her own campaign as part of Oxfam’s wider ‘What She Makes’ Campaign. As a Junior Executive of UTS Society of Communications (UTSoC) Justine used her connections at her university to run an on-campus stall to motivate her university community to “stand in solidarity with the women in Bangladesh by signing the pledge”. The stall was set up to exhibit major statistics relating to the campaign, display the company tracker and big brands that are involved, and share the stories of women who feature in the campaign.

The result.

Justine says that “the combination of a lively location and amazing volunteers” meant that the stall exceeded expectations and over two hundred staff and students signed the pledge¬†for the ‘What She Makes’ campaign.


At the end of the day, Justine says she just wants to “help others and contribute to something much bigger”.


Where to next?

Justine hopes that being part of the Change Initiative will help her to develop a deeper awareness of the issues that people are facing in Bangladesh and other developing countries. Already using her university network to create change, Justine also hopes being part of the Change Initiative will enable her to develop a strong network with like-minded individuals who are striving towards equity and positive change.