Organising Events with Impact

Find everything you need to organise an awesome event that has impact.

Holding events in your community is a fantastic way to get exposure for your Oxfam group and to attract new members and supporters. But most importantly – to create the change on the issues you care about!

Kick off your event planning process by using the event planning guide and event checklist we’ve created. They provide a step by step process for your group to help pull off successful events and actions. Running a market stall? Read up on the tips and tricks for hosting a market stall Oxfam activists have tried and tested.

Oxfam Resources and Materials

Please find below a range of customisable posters and sign up sheets for your event, as well as Oxfam and Oxfam community posters and logos.

Get in touch with your state Community Campaigner to get you hands on t-shirts, hard copy campaigning materials, banners etc.

Interested in fundraising at your event?

The Community Fundraising Toolkit will give you all the information you need to know about fundraising at your events. Remember to read through the Community Fundraising guidelines before your event and when you are you finished here are the banking instructions for when you are ready to deposit your funds.