Make Tax Fair

Oxfam Community groups around the country have been meeting with their local members of Parliament
to talk to them about making tax fair.

Oxfam groups have been delivering ‘tax haven’ plants to their MPs and discussing how tax dodging by multinational corporations has a real human cost. Globally, corporations rip about $172 billion out of developing countries every single year. That’s a heck of a lot of money that should be going into schools, hospitals and lifesaving water for people around the world.

A number of MP’s have publicly voiced their support of Oxfam’s Hidden Billions Report and Make Tax Fair campaign following Oxfam community members meeting their local Federal MP.

Oxfam’s Sydney Central group met with the Anthony Albanese MP, the member for Grayndler, and were thrilled when he made a speech in parliament about Oxfam’s Hidden Billions Report as a result of their meeting. Watch Anthony Albanese’s speech in Parliament. We spoke to the Sydney Central Group’s lead activist Kresta Lokumarambage about the group’s experience.

How did you feel meeting your local MP?

“It feels like you need to be the most articulate and correct person of all time because this is your one time to be able to show how important your concerns are. I stuffed up my stats and squealed super loudly in front of him, he laughed then explained the legislation in everyday terms and told us that he supported strengthening legislation around tax avoidance and completely ignored my epic fail.”

How did you feel when you heard Anthony Albanese speech about meeting your group in Parliament?

“I was at work when I heard his speech in Parliament and it made me realise that anyone can seriously create change. I squealed in my seat some more and started texting the group that made that meeting happen – #WEDIDIT.”

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