Make Tax Fair

All the resources you need to turn your campaigning ideas into action.

About the Campaign

Tax dodging by multinational corporations has a real human cost. When corporations don’t pay their fair share it contributes towards global inequality and poverty. Globally, corporations rip about $172 billion out of developing countries every single year. Australian based multinationals contribute about $2.3 billion of this staggering figure.

That’s a heck of a lot of money that should be going into schools, hospitals and lifesaving water.

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Are you ready to take action?

The Oxfam Community is a key part of influencing political parties to make this change. Below you’ll find the resources you need to get your community to raise their voice in favor closing the loopholes that allow multinational corporations to avoid paying their fair share of tax.

Learn about the Make Tax Fair campaign by downloading the campaign toolkit.


  1. Get out in your community and collect signatures on the petition.
  2. Set up a tax haven in your local area, school or university. We’ve got inflatable palm trees and tax dodging petition bills, stickers and other resources to help you make this happen.
  3. Organise a meeting with your Local Member of Parliament and deliver them a pot plant ‘tax haven’ while you discuss the Hidden Billions report.
  4. Create your own exciting tax campaign tactics!

Contact your state Community Campaigner to discuss other ideas and to get your hands on resources.

Conversation Starter & Frequently Asked Questions:


Suggested Films & Documentaries:

UK Gold (2015, 90mins)

A documentary examining Britain’s status as a tax haven for large corporations and the wealthy.

Stealing Africa (2012, 50mins)

How much profit is fair?

Rüschlikon is a village in Switzerland with a very low tax rate and very wealthy residents. But it receives more tax revenue than it can use. This is largely thanks to one resident – Ivan Glasenberg, CEO of Glencore, whose copper mines in Zambia are not generating a large bounty tax revenue for the Zambians. Zambia has the 3rd largest copper reserves in the world, but 60% of the population live on less than $1 a day and 80% are unemployed. Based on original research into public documents, the film describes the tax system employed by multinational companies in Africa.