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For clothing brands, their online image is everything. They carefully monitor what is said and shared about them, and pay close attention to both the good and the bad. Writing on a brand’s Facebook page, tagging them on Instagram or Tweeting at them is a great way to get their attention and remind them that we won’t stop until they do the right thing and pay a living wage.

What She Makes company tracker

The best place to start with demanding brands to the right thing is the What She Makes company tracker. Each brand that we’re targeting is rated on their progress towards creating a fairer fashion industry. Once you’ve read up on a brand, you can take action and let them know you expect more from them – there is even suggested text that you can copy, and a link straight to their Facebook page. Easy!

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Only 4% of the price of a garment goes to the women who make them

Living Wage

Less than 1% of the cost to do the right thing

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I stand with the women who make our clothes