Families Together

Join us and call on the Government to cut the red tape and keep #familiestogether. 

All families are equal and none should be forced to live apart.

But we currently have an unfair system that makes refugee families wait for years on end to reunite. Sometimes they are separated for years. Sometimes they never see their mothers, fathers, brothers or sisters again.

People who have found sanctuary in Australia and followed all the rules remain separated from their families by unfair, unreasonable restrictions and red tape.

The system is broken — it takes too long, it’s too expensive, and it’s too complicated.

Join us and call on the Government to cut the red tape and keep #FamiliesTogether


Over the next two years, we will be working with activists across the country to get the message to our political leaders that we believe that families belong together.

Our plan is simple – we will build activist teams, host events, build community support and take this to support to our MP’s door.
We will use community mobilisation to persuade our MP’s that this policy change is critical, and that their electorates care about keeping #FamiliesTogether.

Share a story with your MP

Email your story of family support to your local MP and help amplify our campaign for an extra 10,000 places per year to reunite refugee families. 

This email will go to your local MPs and tell the story of Dabessa and his family. Make this email more powerful by adding your own story. 

Write to your MP

So you’ve decided to write a personal letter or email to your MP, but how do you make your message stand out in the crowd? Our toolkit has all the tips for maximising the impact of your correspondence. 

Call your MP

MPs rely on communications with their office as one way of knowing the level of concern or support an issue has in their electorate. Because a phone call takes a lot more effort than writing an email – and because they receive far fewer phone calls than they do emails – it only takes a few calls for politicians to really pay attention.  

Join an Electorate Activist Team

We are starting our first Electorate Activist Team in Banks electorate, in South-Western Sydney. We have chosen this electorate as it is the electorate of the Federal Minister for Immigration, David Coleman, who is a critical player in achieving policy change on this issue.

If you are in the Banks electorate and interested in joining our Electorate Activist Team, please sign up here.

If you are in an electorate other than Banks, we plan to be rolling this out across the country in the not-too-distant future! You can sign up for your electorate up here, and you will be the first to know about activities in your neighbourhood!