Climate Justice

Now, more than ever, it’s time for us to work together and focus on real climate solutions that promise a better future for all Australians and our neighbours.

We know that a future of zero poverty, zero carbon pollution, and jobs and prosperity for all is possible. 

And that everyone, including our new government, is concerned with people’s welfare and wants to see secure jobs, a safer climate and healthy thriving communities.

Now it’s time for all of us to lead the way.

How you can make a difference

Sign our Climate Justice pledge

Send a message that you’re committed to climate justice. This means: 

Sign our pledge to show your commitment to stopping climate damage, ending poverty, and building a brighter future for all.

Strike for Climate Justice!

On 20 September, three days before the UN Climate Action Summit, in a massive global day of action, students from across the world will be striking from school to call on leaders to stop climate damage.

Oxfam is supporting the fantastic and brave work of the students here in Australia and abroad in raising their voices and showing what real leadership on climate action can look like.

We are calling on all of our staff and supporters to take to the streets to support this huge day of action. If you’d like to join the Oxfam meetup in Melbourne or Sydney, please RSVP to the relevant Facebook event below:

Melbourne event — Parliament House, 1:30pm

Sydney event — Art Gallery of NSW, 11:30am

You are invited. And you are needed. The bigger the turnout, the stronger the pressure on the government.

Together we can make this HUGE. 

The world isn’t waiting so neither are we.