Change Initiative

Lead global change, from your own neighbourhood.

Lead global change from your own neighbourhood!

Learn from the comfort of home and be a part of a like-minded community of changemakers.


Change Initiative will give you the skills, knowledge and power and the community of practice you need to create lasting change in the movements that matter to you.

Our free, 8-week training is for people who are completely new to activism, or who want to brush up on their skills. You’ll learn everything there is to know about campaigning and organising, including;

the power of relationships; how to build strong teams; inspiring others to action, campaign strategy and tactic development. 

You’ll also receive an insiders invitation to join us on our quest to tackle poverty, from securing a living wage for women in Bangladesh who make clothes for major Australian brands to getting a better deal for Australian based refugees, and Climate Justice. Become a member of a growing club of passionate, inspiring and motivated Oxfam Activists, and receive mentorship for your journey as an Oxfam Activist Leader!


Change Initiative modules

Introduction to Community Organising  

April 23 (Thurs) – 6-8pm AEST (via webinar) 

Facilitator: Sian W 

Participants will learn an overview of theoretical organising and activism in the Oxfam context. 1. What is community organising?   
2. Examples of successful community organising at Oxfam Australia and other orgs 
3. Why Momentum Model  


Personal Narrative & Telling Stories 

May 2 (Sat): 11am-1pm AEST (via webinar) 

Facilitator Kaz Uy 

Participants will learn the importance of narrative storytelling in community organising, how to develop , story of self, story of now, story of us and the basics of values framing and messaging for change. Important for any campaign communications and persuasive conversations for change! 


Building Relationships/ Strategic Conversations 

May 7 (Thurs)-6-8pm AEST (via webinar) 

Facilitator: Sian W 

Activists will learn how to be drivers of change and build powerful relationships for change. How to engage in community mapping, persuasive and relational conversations. This session will equip activists with the practical skills they need to have organising conversations and build relationships! 


Leadership and Structuring Teams    

May 16 (Sat) – 1030am-1230pm AEST: 

Facilitator: Kaz Uy 

Participants will hear from established Oxfam activists and learn the importance of a community of practice, teams and collective in community organising. The theories behind organising for change collectively and what is involved in effective leadership, coaching and mentoring, 


Racial Justice and how to be an effective ally 

May 21 (Thurs) –  6-8pm AEST 

Facilitator: Kaz Uy 

Learn how to decolonise and an inclusive culture based on best practice racial justice. How to work with rights holders and diverse communities. Understand the fundamentals of how race and power intersect and centring decolonisation in all campaign work! 

Digital Organising 101 

May 30 (Sat) – 1030am-1230pm AEST 

Facilitator: Sian W 

How do we continue to create powerful relationships across distance? What are then fundamental tools for organising in the current context? What are best practice lessons learnt in the digital space? Learn new tactics and case studies for staying engaged in activist community of practice. 


Strategy  101 

June 4 (Thurs) – 6-8pm AEST 

Facilitator Kaz Uy 

What is the big picture of Oxfam and how can local and community activism fit into this? How is this changed in the current landscape? Learn skills like power mapping, spectrum of allies and how to target and plan effective actions for impact. 


Personal Project Plans 

June 13 (Sat) –  1030am-1230pm AEST 

Facilitator Sian W and Kaz Uy 

Put the skills you have learnt into practice. Develop a plan to effect change that matters.