Building a Relationship with your MP

We have gathered tried-and-tested tips from activists who have met
with their MP’s to make it easier for you to meet with your MP

There are many ways you can make your voice heard, including through your federal or state Members of Parliament (MP).

Your local MP works for you; they are your connection to Canberra or your state or territory government. They rely on the support of people within their electorate to get elected. Your views and those of your group concerns count, so make sure your MP knows what issues you care about and how they can better represent what your Oxfam group stands for in parliament.

Are you interested in reaching out to your Local or Federal MP? Have a read of our building a relationship with your MP guide to learn about all the ways that your group can start building a relationship with your MP.

Ready to meet your MP?

From arranging the meeting to having a good conversation, we’ve got you covered.  Check out the how to meet your MP guide. Other resources for building a relationship with your MP are available below: