Rights to Refuge Conversation Workshop

Saturday 1st July 12noon - 4pm @ Oxfam Adelaide Office level 2, 5 Hutt St ADELAIDE

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Everyone deserves to live in safety. When we feel vulnerable or in danger we like to know we have a safe place to turn to. People seeking asylum have the right to seek refuge when their safety and dignity is threatened.
While there is growing awareness of the global refugee crisis and the need for an appropriate response from the world community, successive governments including our own have chosen to deliberately deny people’s basic right to freedom and safety.
We believe that if we put people at the centre of the narrative and have conversations on a mass scale with persuadable groups in the community, then we will see a shift in the attitudes of everyday Australians and politicians will face increasing pressure to reconsider the politicisation of the refugee debate so that, the government and opposition change their policies to include Oxfam’s policy objectives.
By attending Oxfam’s Right to Refuge Conversation workshops you will learn how you can help shift the attitudes of everyday Australians by simply having a conversation