We are a movement of people committed to standing up for justice and taking action
for a future free of poverty. Changing the world starts here.

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What She Makes and Conscious Consumption.

What She Makes visits the Suitcase Rummage Market.

End of Year Celebrations

Join us across the country at events to celebrate the work of the Oxfam Community in 2017

Global Action for Welcome

Take to Social media to show your support for people seeking safety!

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Campaign Resources

Right to Refuge

Everyone has the right to seek refuge when their safety and dignity is threatened. Find out how you can campaign to get the government to treat people seeking refuge in Australia with dignity and respect.



Oxfam’s month-long party against poverty where hundreds of music lovers from all over the country create their own gigs.


Make Tax Fair

Tax dodging by multinational corporations is costing developing countries billions each year. We've got campaign resources to help you turn back the tide of inequality.


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Campaign in your Community

Everything you need to know to start or join an Oxfam community group. Find out how to recruit members and grow a strong group of change makers.

Make a difference on Campus

Students, are you ready to take action? Find tips and resources for starting and running an Oxfam group at your university and ideas for eventsand much more.

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From planning guides and checklists to tips for a killer fundraising event – everything you need is here.

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