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What She Makes @ Suitcase Rummage

What She Makes visits the Suitcase Rummage Market in Northcote

Passion to Action: Bringing What She Makes to UTS

Justine's story of putting her passion for social justice into action by bringing the 'What She Makes Campaign' to her university as part of the Change Initiative.

Change Initiative 2019

Lead global change, from within your own neighbourhood!

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What She Makes

By not paying a living wage, big brands are keeping the women who make our clothes in poverty. But this can change. Together, we can hold big brands to account for what she makes.


Climate Justice

We know that a future of zero poverty, zero carbon pollution, and jobs and prosperity for all is possible. Now it's time for us to lead the way.


Families Together

All families are equal and none should have to live apart, but Australia’s unfair system forces refugee families to wait years to reunite.

Call on politicians who care about families to cut the red tape and keep #FamiliesTogether.


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